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Affiliate Program


Step 1 - Sign up with ClickBank.com

Go to http://www.clickbank.com and click on "Create Account" at the top of the page.


Step 2 - Complete the form


Step 3 - Login and Find the Marketplace

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Step 4 - Find AAA Binary Options in Marketplace

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Step 5 - Your Now an Affiliate and Ready to Promote

Dear Affiliate,

Thank you for promoting our product we look forward to working with you. Get ready to capitalize on a hot product with up to 50% commission per sale. The best way to learn about our product is to become a student, as your success will be the selling point for your referral's. That is why they say "A picture speaks a thousand words". If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the website, our marketing, and alternatively if you would like to partner up with us please feel free to contact us at aaabinaryoptions@gmail.com


To your Sucess, 

AAA Binary Options Team